What's in your light?

Your body was designed to benefit from sunlight.
The majority of the energy from the sun is invisible to your eyes, but not to your body.
The NIRA™ bulb, containing invisible near-infrared energy, provides light that supports a healthier indoor environment, without sacrificing the energy efficiency of other LED's.

  • What is near-infrared energy?

    It is the invisible part of sunlight that your body absorbs and converts into ATP, the energy that your body needs to thrive.

    ATP is often called the energy currency of the cell. Even more important than food, It's the only chemical in the body that can be directly used as energy.

  • Why is near-infrared energy important?

    Research has shown that roughly 90% of our time is spent under artificial lighting, which is devoid of the beneficial near-infrared energy. On a daily basis, your body is missing out on absorbing this energy that promotes healing and suppresses inflammation.

  • Do all LED lights have near-infrared energy?

    Don’t be fooled by “full spectrum” lights on the market. Those lights only contain the full visible spectrum without providing your body with the benefits found in the invisible near-infrared spectrum.

    We think that you deserve more from your lighting.